Restaurant code: R2

Located in a historic building once belonging to a noble family, the restaurant is adjacent to one of the entrances to the historic Sassi district of Matera. The environment is refined with Classic furniture and soft lighting. Cuisine is mainly local and traditional. 
Position: Matera Centre
Inside capacity: 100
Outside capacity: 20

Fixed menu: € 27.00

Porcini mushroom soufflé, zucchini quiche, revised Spanish omelette, eggplant parmigiana bake with melted mozzarella

First course (one of the following)
Fresh ‘orecchiette’ pasta with cardoncelli variety mushrooms, arugula and parmesan shavings
Short fresh pasta with mushroom and sausage meat
Small fresh pasta in a creamed pulse sauce

Main course (one of the dishes below)
Variety of grilled meat beef steak served with the special house sauce

Side dish
Baked potatoes or salad

Seasonal fruit
Home-made Dessert

*Liquors, spirits and drinks not included

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