Restaurant code: R8

Typical trattoria located between the two Sassi districts. The restaurant has a large parking area and is close to the panoramic look out point over the Gravina and Murgia Timone. The atmosphere inside is warm and welcoming.
Position: Matera Sassi
Inside capacity: 60

Tourist menu: € 19.00

Appetizers “all’italiana”:
mozzarella cheese and cured meats

First Course (one of the dishes below)
short home made pasta in a mushroom and sausage meat sauce
Short home made pasta with wild spinach

Main course (one of the dishes below)
Lamb cooked according to the traditional local recipe
Roast beef with a ‘Primitivo’ wine sauce

Side dish
Diced oven baked potatoes
Green salad

Seasonal fruit

500ml water 250ml house wine, espresso coffee

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