Castellana Grotte

Castellana Grotte is a small city in the province of Bari which has a magnificent subterranean area.  These impressive caves are 2 kms from the city centre. Nearby is a spacious deep abyss called La Grave (the serious).  This cavern is spectacular and is the point of departure for the excursion to the caves. The city also has a historic centre rich in houses and buildings of the noble people of the XVII and XVIII centuries.  Amongst the numerous churches, the Mother Church is the richest in Renaissance and Baroque paintings.  The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi is rich with Baroque altars adorned by statues of stone and of bass relief from the XVIII century.  The Convent of the Franciscan Brothers is where the church was dedicated to the Madonna della Veterana, protector of the Castellana Grotta venerated for having saved the population from the plague in 1691.