Restaurants in Matera

Over the past few years tens of new restaurants in Matera have opened, some in the baroque centre of town and others in the historic district.

Restaurants in the Sassi of Matera are often quite a unique experience, where you can eat in cave environments or on terraces with magnificent Sassi views. Some follow traditions, with the usual rustic furniture and red and white checked tablecloths. You might be surprised to find others follow a more contemporary approach, like Soho-meets-Sassi, with hi-tech interiors and 5 course tasting menus, but on the whole the you should prepare yourself for one of the finest culinary experiences in Italy.
Vegetarian will find a wide selection of dishes to choose from, but don’t expect to find vegan, kosher or gluten free options very often. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any special requirements, events or private parties and we would be happy to make arrangements for you.

Restaurant code: R15 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 80
The restaurant is situated in a unique and very central location in the historic Sassi quarter of Matera, opened a few years ago after a long careful restoration process. There are six different environments, all with contemporary furniture, good music and generally a great atmosphere. Dishes are creative using only the freshest ingredients and are accompanied by excellent wines (over a hundred labels). The restaurant received a prize for the best wine bar of the year in 2007.   [more]

Restaurant code: R1 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 110 - Outside capacity: 30
Refined restaurant located in the very heart of the Sasso Caveoso in Matera. The space is furnished with contemporary design furniture in an amazing contrast with the Sassi cave in which it is located. The wine list is impressive with around 400 italian and international labels.   [more]

Restaurant code: R2 - [Matera Centre]
Inside capacity: 100 - Outside capacity: 20
Located in a historic building once belonging to a noble family, the restaurant is adjacent to one of the entrances to the historic Sassi district of Matera. The environment is refined with Classic furniture and soft lighting. Cuisine is mainly local and traditional.   [more]

Restaurant code: R9 - [Matera Centre]
Inside capacity: 50 - Outside capacity: 50
Located in the historic centre in the same square as the Ridola Museum and Palazzo Lanfranchi in a pedestrian area of Matera and just a stones throw from the panoramic Sassi district. The atmosphere inside is refined with modern furnishings and contemporary lighting. Food selection is original mixing traditional flavours with novel combinations.   [more]

Restaurant code: R5 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 180 - Outside capacity: 50
Located in the Sasso Barisano, interiors are adorned with lights and artwork typical of the local holiday ‘Festa della Bruna’ (Patron Saint of Matera) making for a unique atmosphere. The menu and house specials are a simple bled of southern Italian recipes.   [more]

Restaurant code: R11 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 75
The restaurant is in a natural cave environment in the Sassi district with easy access from via del Corso and Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the main square of Matera. The interior is elegant and welcoming. The menu boasts typical regional dishes made with quality ingredients accompanied by local and Italian wines.   [more]

Restaurant code: R13 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 100 - Outside capacity: 70
Restaurant and pizzeria dug out of the tufa stone in the Sassi di Matera, historical cave district of Matera, completely restored in 2000. The menu contains a wide array of traditional antipasti and dishes. Pizzas are good and baked in a wood burning oven. The wine list offers local and Italian wines with a large selection of aglianico.  [more]

Restaurant code: R7 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 90 - Outside capacity: 60
Located in an ancient, restored wine cellar, the restaurant is the ideal setting for dinners and parties during your stay in Matera. The menu offers a wide variation of typical regional dishes. Traditional recipes are accompanied with excellent regional wines, all in a relaxing and evocative Sassi atmosphere.  [more]

Restaurant code: R14 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 130 - Outside capacity: 40
This pub and restaurant is situated in an antique winery in the Sassi district. The premesis is on four different levels, all in cave environments dug out of the rock for a total surface area of 350 smq. The restaurant has an American Bar at the first level serving over a hundred types of rum and three dining areas. Seating is in a pub like atmosphere with wooden tables and benches and certainly one of the best watering holes in Matera.  [more]

Restaurant code: R3 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 100 - Outside capacity: 90
A characteristic and charming restaurant located in the very heart of the Sassi of Matera districts. The restaurant specialises in typical southern Italian cuisine blending flavours from the Basilicata and Campania regions. The atmosphere is simple and pleasant thanks to the wooden furniture and checked tablecloths.  [more]

Restaurant code: R10 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 90
Located in a large cave environment in the ancient Sassi district, it is the ideal setting for tasting the genuine flavour of regional Materan and Italian cuisine. The atmosphere is pleasant and inviting with simple wooden furniture. it is renowned for its simple and tasty cuisine, good service and the high quality food. Staff will welcome you within a warming and relaxed Sassi atmosphere.  [more]

Restaurant code: R6 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 90 - Outside capacity: 25
Refined, warm atmosphere in the Sassi of Matera, the restaurant has stone arches and soft lighting combined with contemporary furniture. The menu boasts local specialities including both meat and fish, revised by the chef Gianfranco. The wine list is extensive with 300 regional and Italian wines.   [more]

Restaurant code: R12 - [Matera Centre]
Inside capacity: 80 - Outside capacity: 70
The restaurant is in the Sassi quarter on the Barisano side. Local ingredients are used for traditional and revised recipes to be savoured in the cosy cave environment or in the private courtyard in the shadow of the Cathedral 'Duomo di Matera.  [more]

Restaurant code: R4 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 50 - Outside capacity: 12
Located in a cave the heart of the Sassi district, guests can enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere. The menu is unsophisticated with genuine recipes from Matera and the freshest local ingredients and good local wines.  [more]

Restaurant code: R8 - [Matera Sassi]
Inside capacity: 60
Typical trattoria located between the two Sassi districts. The restaurant has a large parking area and is close to the panoramic look out point over the Gravina and Murgia Timone. The atmosphere inside is warm and welcoming.  [more]

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