Panoramic Viewpoint and Castello Tramontano

Coming out of the Cathedral there is a marvellous view:  below is the winding valley containing the Sasso Barisano, and straight ahead is Piazza Vittorio Veneto with its viewpoint framed between three arches.  Above, the towers of the Castello Tramontano rise up on the “De Montigny” hill, mirroring the position of the Cathedral and counterbalancing the spiritual dominion of the Church and the lay dominion of the Count.  The castle never reached completion because Count Giancarlo Tramontano, who commissioned it, (having bought the county of Matera from King Ferrante I in 1497) was slain during a Materan revolt against his oppression on 28th December 1514 in the very street which now lies behind us, at the back of the Duomo, which has been called Via Riscatto (which means “deliverance”) ever since.