Via Fiorentini

The name of this street is a reference to the number of Florentine textile merchants who once had their workshops in the street; it continues as far as the Sasso Barisano, along the route of the ancient “GRABIGLIONE”, a name which evokes the tumultuous rushing of water, which is a small valley in which rainwater and the effluent from the surrounding area were wont to accumulate.  A road providing the only built carriageway between the two Sassi was built over it in 1934.
The road is lined with C17th and C18th century Spanish “courtyard-style” houses, which were the height of fashion at the time: these are two-storey buildings with an open courtyard at the front.
On the left side (going towards Piazza V. Veneto), there are two buildings worthy of note, both of them geared to the hospitality industry: the Sassi Hotel and the Locanda di San Martino, articulated on several levels.  Their Receptions and halls are located in these buildings and the ancient hypogea-houses carved out of the rocks for the artisans who largely populated this area now make up the rest of the accommodation.