Via Casalnuovo

Via Casalnuovo is an ancient roadway that led from the historic centre of the city to the furthest casale (or hamlet on the periphery.
The first stretch of road runs along the right side of the impressive old Lanfranchi Seminary building and then continues along the edge of the ancient Casalnuovo quarter, first inhabited in 1550, by families with large agricultural holdings, peasants with their own parcel of land and the labourers who were taken on by the day to work land belonging to others.  During the C16th, this district was home to the Albanian and Serbo- Croatian immigrant populations known as the Schiavoni (or slaves) who worked on farms, or in the wax and leather dyeing and tanning industries.  This district remained partly cut off from the rest of the city by the “Grabiglione” valley into which effluent was discharged until the 1930s, through which the only vehicular through road between the Sassi districts now passes.