Vico Solitario

Vico Solitario starts at the archway between the Monterrone and the rectory of the Church of San Pietro Caveoso, which is the part of the building used for offices and clergy housing.  It runs along the top of the deep ravine, ending in front of a series of terraces that lead to the plateau of the Malve.  The name Malve derives from a plant of the same name that used to grow in profusion here among the rocks, and whose leaves and flowers were used as emollients many years ago.
It is a short but sensational piece of road, with a stunning view of the Monterrone looming on the right and the Murgia on the left, with its primitive sheep pens and the old mule track that zigzags across the steep cliff behind the torrent up to the plateau above.   This track was used by the shepherds living in the Malve and Casalnuovo districts facing the Murgia.  The terraces lead up to the slab of rock that enclosed the buildings of the ancient female Benedictine monastic Order of St. Lucia.