Acerenza - Photo Basilicata Travel

The latin poet Orazio likens the city to “ACHERONTIA”. The name explains the true significance of “high place”.  The city is, in fact, built in an eminent position on a cliff 800 metres above sea level.  The river Bradano and the Fiumarella torrent are here.  The medieval city is enriched by the imposing Cathedral of the XI century of the high-romanesque style and is characterized by the detailed precision (ie the frescoes, the water purifier and the bass relief).  It has a large apse and three naves, 5th century tables, a crypt from 1524.  On the walls there are frescoes by Giovanni Todisco da Abriola. The splendid alley-ways in the historic artistic centre adds to the view of the seventh century houses of the nobles and the general atmosphere. On lake Gianturco which faces the old Curia which is of the Lombardic/Norman/Swabian design. The Ex-Castello is the second most relevant of the little city.  It is interesting to follow the representation of the Passion of Christ on Good Friday and Saturday and the historic procession of the Langobards to the Normans on the 11th and 12th of August each year.