Unesco World Heritage site since 1996, Alberobello is world famous for the characteristic cone shaped buildings known as trulli. These incredible structures are built out of chiancole, flat stones in local calcareous rock, plentiful in the area. The trulli are built entirely without the use of mortar and whitewashed inside and out. The trullo originated in the late 1500’s when the Count of Conversano authorized the peasants to build dwellings without using mortar so that they could be easily dismantled in the case of inspection to avoid paying taxes buildings. In the historic centre of town we find the areas known as Aia Piccola and Rione Monti, both national monuments. Here it is possible to admire the panorama of picturesque cone roofs, walk through the incredible alleyways and pay a visit to the Siamese Trulli and the Master Trullo, (built around 1700, it is the only dwelling with more than one floor). In the centre of town you will also find the Museum of the Territory, trullo complex of great historic and architectural importance.