Il Pulo di Altamura - Photo oniremacoo

Altamura is a city of northern Bari of circa 70.000 inhabitants.  It is 40 km from Bari and 19 km from Matera.  The historic centre is famous for its perfect circular formation, but mostly for its cloisters.  It is one of the most cultured of the historic period which characterize the city.  The Cathedral, “unicum archittectonico” style which emerged in 1232 was commissioned by Frederick the 2nd of Swabia. The Murgia of Altamura comprises of the cave of Lamalunga (with its homo Arcaicus), the quarry De Lucia (with the dinosaur footprints) and the Pulo which were officially presented by the Italian State on its Tentative List to UNESCO on the 1st June 2006 to become the property of Humanity  and placed in the protection of ONU. Murgia of Altamura is famous internationally for the discovery of the cranium and other bones of a hominid from 200-300 thousand years ago in Vacca in 1999 which were found in the Cave of Lamalunga.  The cave was discovered in October 1993.