The main town of region Apulia boasts a single Historic Centre (The old part of Bari made millenniums ago and has an ample 8th century quarter made up like a chess board or grid pattern (walled quarter) which gives testimony to the commercial tradition of the city. It is very interesting to visit the Basilica of Saint Nicholas (XII century), which is a masterpiece of the Romanesque Apulian architecture and the imposing Norman Swabian castle circa 1131. Piazza del Ferrarese is a small square which faces the Lungomare Imperatore Augusto (sea front) and is the old gateway south of the historic centre.  It is characteristic and suggestive, especially at night for the splendid maritime panorama. Do not miss a visiting the Pillbox of Saint Anthony the Great, which dates back to the XIV century, as well as the Cathedral of Saint Sabinus and the numerous minor churches spread out in the historic centre.