Grottaglie - Photo Diegomar
Gravine di Grottaglie - Photo boadiceafairy

Otherwise known as the city of ceramics, Grottaglie is positioned in an area extremely rich in clay and since the 18th century has been extremely active in the production ceramics. The production is divided into two major branches, that of the arte ruagnara used to manufacture common house hold crockery inspired by traditional peasant ceramics, and that of the arte faenzara, highly decorated and precious ornamental and pieces for a more elite market. There are currently many artisans and workshops that one can visit as well as a historic itinerary through the quarter known as the "Li cemenn’ri", (deriving from the chimneys that emerge around the town showing the position of the kilns). During the visit to the workshops it is possible to watch the potters throwing and decorating traditional local and more modern pieces and buy the works. A must is the visit to the Museum of Ceramics housed inside the local 14th century Castle. The museum is divided into five sections dedicated to traditional ceramics, archaeology, majolica ware, Christmas cribs and contemporary ceramics.