Grumento Nova

In the heart of Val d’Agri 700 metres above sea level in the south western area of the Basilicata Region we find the Grumento Nova. In the old days called Saponaria, Grumento was probably founded during the third century before Christ, thanks to the strategic position in the Val d’Agri and went on to become one of the most important Roman military colonies in Lucania. Later the city was controlled by various Families (Fasanella, d’Avella, del Balzo and at last San Severino) until 1806, when the feudal rights were abolished. In this little village we find important relics of the Roman colonization such as the theatre, the baths, the area of the forum with its Capitolium, amphitheatre and some splendid homes (domus). Of important note is the National Museum of Alta Val d’Agri which hosts on two levels exhibitions of the pre Roman phase, referring to the territory of Val d’Agri, and the Roman which focuses on the Grumentum.