The town of Lagopesole in the Avigliano Community is in a breathtaking position on a hill at 830m above sea level between the Ofanto and Bradano rivers. The name Lagopesole originates from that of the lake once found in the Vitalba valley and is home to a noteworthy Federician castle. The large building has a rectangular floor plan with a tower at each corner. Although the castle underwent several alterations over the centuries, the building has maintained its original layout with two courtyards and living quarters on two levels. The magnitude of the castle as well as its favourable position prove the importance and luxury that the Emperor desired for his hunting residence in Lagopesole. The oldest part of the building, known as the little courtyard, has a large square tower placed in the centre. From this point, passing through an intricately decorated archway you arrive in the large courtyard. On the one side of this space there is a splendid chapel in Neapolitan style as well as several reception rooms including the exquisitely decorated hall of the Emperor and Empress. The building was embellished in various styles over the centuries and is today considered one of the most beautiful and characteristic Federician castles in Southern Italy.