Literary Parks: Aliano / Valsinni

The Literary Parks in Basilicata give visitors the opportunity to discover the traditions and culture of the region, historically known as Lucania, through the eyes of the famous people that lived here and that continue to pass down local traditions through their literary works.
The first of these two parks is Aliano (99 km): for many years home to the author Carlo Levi, doctor from Turin, sent here in exile in 1935 by the fascist regime to which he was strongly opposed. In Aliano you can experience the antique peasant atmosphere and traditions of those years through a ‘sentimental tour’ comprising scenes with actors in local peasant costume and encounters with the characters that Levi lived with and wrote about. Visitors can walk along the same streets and paths with breathtaking views that Levi meticulously described in his manuscripts, taste the wine and local peasant food from his books, while listening to verses from ‘Christ stopped at Eboli’.
In the literary park dedicated to Isabella Morra, poetess from Valsinni (km 76), in an antique neighbourhood called Borgo Favale, poets in costume welcome visitors inside the centre and narrate the impossible love story between Isabella Morra and the Diego Sandoval de Castro, aristocratic poet from the neighbouring village of Bollita (the present Nova Siri). The visitors follow the story of her past through the places described in Isabella’s verses ending tragically when she was murdered by her brothers for a presumed love affair. The story had a great impact on the philosopher Benedetto Croce, who published a manuscript on Isabella’s life, speaking highly of the expressive force and style of the poetess. During the ‘sentimental tour’ in Valsinni, visitors taste local dishes prepared according to renaissance recipes, follow a craft itinerary through artisans workshops still making the characteristic local ceramics and lace by hand.