It is easy for visitors to understand how the name Maratea derived from the latin Thea Maris: Queen of the Sea. The incredible position between the crystalline sea below and rocky mountain behind it make it one of the gems of the Basilicata region. Maratea offers visitors a rich array of attractions and activities like the splendid ocean floor with colourful flora and fauna as well as underwater archaeological remains and caves, beautiful beaches, tiny secluded bays under imposing cliffs.  The small village is rich in history with some of the most breathtaking sea views in Southern Italy and becomes a hive of activity in the summer months. The mountain area is fascinating for naturalistic walks along paths antiquely used by traders taking their goods inland. The Saint Blaise sanctuary, dedicated to the patron saint of the town, is positioned on the hill of the same name in the shadow of the 22 m statue of Christ who symbolically guards over the entire area with open arms.