The VIII century Abbey dates back to the lucanian Magna Graecia period and is certainly the most interesting building in the antique historical centre of Montescaglioso. Originally belonging to the Benedictine Order of Saint Michael the Archangel with its small cenoby dating back to the XI century, the building has been modified on numerous occasions over the centuries including several extensions built with the donations from members of the Norman aristocracy. The abbey became the focal point of social economical interests in Montescaglioso through the role played by the Benedectine monks that brought prosperity and development to the entire region.
Not to be missed is the splendid cloister containing a series of late medieval allegoric figures. The complex contains a library, church and magnificent halls like the Sala del Capitolo, all adorned with XVII century frescoes.
Apart from the concerts, exhibits, conferences and other cultural events held here, the building is home to the Museum of Peasant history exhibiting numerous tools and artefacts from the peasant heritage of the area.