Monticchio Lakes

In the splendid Lucanian area, the Mount Vulture there is luxurious vegetation of beach, maple, chestnut, lime, ash and alder which is protected. This habitat is ideal for lazy days and contact with nature highlighting the two crater lakes of Monticchio. The two lakes have a higher temperature than the lakes of the rest of Italy.  The Lago Piccolo is light green and the Lago Grande is olive green.  In the water of the two lakes there is an authentic rarity: the ninfea flowers (Ninphea Alba), which grow in the water..  The aspect is one of a carpet of white flowers. Near to Lago Piccolo immersed in the greenery, the Abbey of Saint Michael towers over everything.  It was founded by the Benedictine monks before the XI century.  On the isthmus of the land between the two lakes is the Convent of Saint Hippolytus also founded by the Benedictine monks.  The convent is of exceptional interest architecturally and archaeologically speaking.