The history of Trani dates back to the IX century. After the Saracen destroyed Canosa the Latin Church nominated the city Bishops seat. The historical centre and port have the typical layout of those cities built on the Eastern Mediterranean coast during the crusades. The stunning port with the imposing cathedral and bell tower overlooking the crystalline sea, the piazzas and winding streets of the old town remind us of those found in Venice. Many churches, palazzi and gardens give onto the tranquil waters. The Old Town moves inland between the Swabian Castle and the port. A must is a visit to the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas Pellegrino, built between 1056 and 1186, with its magnificent portal framed with sculpted figures. Also take time for a walk on the promenade, around the picturesque historic centre and beautiful 15th century palazzi, as well as the numerous gothic and baroque churches.