This is the city where Rocco Scotellaro was born and where the Norman Tower which dates from the IX – X century, and which was rebuilt in the Norman-Swabian epoch (XI – XIII) can be seen.  The rest of the castle was transformed into the Convent of Saint Clare.  The Mother Church has had changes to its façade and interior with Baroque plastering dating back from 1777. The stone Arch of Ladislao dates back to the XVI century, is situated in the oldest part of the country in the district of Saracena and is decorated with griffins, monsters and symbols of the evangelists.  The third century sculpture of the Virgin and Child is enthroned on high in a niche.  Of noteworthy interest is the convent of Saint Mary of the Carmine outside of the historic centre and the Convent of Saint Anthony of Padua has a library which is the fulcrum of numerous theological studies.