Classic Tour of the Sassi

This itinerary begins at Piazzetta Pascoli with a breathtaking view over the Sasso Caveoso and highland plateau of the Murgia and Palazzo Lanfranchi, home to the Museum of Modern and Medieval Art of Basilicata, with the nearby Church of the Carmine.
The tour continues through the heart of the ancient dwellings and nobile homes in the Sassi towards the church of Saint Peter Caveoso. Visit to a typical ‘cave-dwelling’, partly carved out of the rock and partly built, and furnished as it used to be during the peasant civilization.
Next the cave church of Saint Lucy of the Malve where some of the most important frescoes and elaborate architecture of this nature be viewed.
The tour continues towards the Sasso Barisano following the ancient Gravina, deep ravine and to the museum of farmer history, a typical peasant dwelling with artefacts and tools from ancient peasant life.
Return up to the centre of town and walk around the baroque area including the most important churches in this style: Saint Clare and Saint Francis of Assisi. Also the romanesque Cathedral, and Piazza Duomo.
Visit ends at the look out point over the Sasso Barisano in front of the Cathedral. 


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