The Murgia Materana Nature Reserve and Cave Churches

The Parco della Murgia Materana nature reserve covers about 8,000 hectares of a thrilling and highly unusual landscape filled with environmental, historical, artistic and anthropological sites.
The canyon of the Gravina and the stream of the same name offer a stunning sight with the deep 20-kilometer-long limestone gully. Along the river bed, the Gravina river runs straight down to the Ionian coast. These are only a few of the highlights of a landscape that might very well look desolate but which actually bears signs of rich human activity.
Several activities can be done in the Reserve including:

  • guided walks on the edge of the ravine,
  • visiting the numerous cave church complexes,
  • in spring walks through the fields in flowers,
  • photo safaris,
  • bird watching and mountain biking.