The City

Matera counts about 55.000 inhabitants, is located 400 metres above sea level and is 45 km from the seaside. Much appreciated and renowned for its Sassi districts, the town also boasts other charming and beautiful buildings.
You can visit the Dome, built in the 13th century, in Romanesque style, standing impressive on the Civita hill. The Civita dates back to medieval times and is to be considered as the first human settlement in the city as you can see from the walls and fortifications it is surrounded by.....

The Sassi

The Sassi district is the ancient heart of the city of Matera.
The Sassi  surround the Civita and constitute a city unto itself, completely carved out of the face of the calcareous rock -what is known as tufa stone. The Sassi district is a system made of dwellings carved out of the steep slopes of a deep valley with surprising and unusual features called the ‘Gravina’.
Elegant and multi-faceted buildings are interspersed with underground mazes and cave labyrinths, forming one single stunning landscape....

Guided tours

You will find a large selection of guided tours for your visit to Matera and the historic Sassi district.
Sassweb offers tours from two hours to full day (and Matera by night) in order to visit the Sassi of Matera, stunning rock church complexes and the surrounding areas.
We offer guide services by authorized tour guides in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Italian, with several mother tongue guides on our staff. Other foreign languages can be arranged on request.
Tour itineraries and services are based on the nature and specific requests of the group, be it a historical, cultural, naturalistic, architectural, anthropological or more contemporary visit to the unexpected craft and design studios around Matera that you are after, our staff at Sassiweb will tailor make a tour according to your requirements and profile of the group.