Hotels in Matera

Hospitality in Matera has improved over the past few years. The number, type and variety of hospitality in the city has improved drastically in recent years.
There is a wide array of arrangements for tourists or passers by to Matera to choose from. Prices range from around €15 a night to around €500 with a wide range of solutions to choose from. You will find tens of Bed and Breakfasts that are inexpensive as well as apartments or self catering residences for hire. Visitors to Matera have a wide selection of hotels to choose from, ranging from a hostel to a five star luxury hotel with an indoor pool and spa.
Many of the smaller hotels inside the Sassi are a great way to discover Matera, as you get the unique chance of sleeping in a cave environment. Many are located in historic buildings and have terraces, courtyards and balconies with breathtaking views over the historic Sassi district. The B&B phenomenon is quite new in the area with tens of families running their own small businesses, most of which speak little or no English. 
If you are arriving in Matera by car or have large amounts of luggage, be sure to ask about access and parking when making your reservation as this is often a problem, especially around the historic part of Matera and Sassi where many hotels and Bed & Breakfast do not have direct street access.
On the whole, you will find the hospitality in Matera to be good value for money.