Steps up to the Convicinio

Ascending the STEPS leading to the Convicinio, the old cellars set up between the C17th and C18th can be glimpsed.  The deepest recesses of these cellars contain all the equipment traditionally used for the vinification and conservation of wines.  Until the early C20th, there were various leather tanneries, which, with the cellars, formed an artisan quarter with its own particular character.  These laboratories have lain dormant for many years, but they are still evidence of a particular type of rock-building.
There was a mass exodus from this district, where living conditions had become almost untenable and sanitary conditions insalubrious, when the Law for the Improvement of the Sassi was passed in 1952.  The narrow string of dwellings ‘on open ground’ that ran along beside the carriageway of Via Casalnuovo has, however, been in continuous occupation.