La Palomba Sculpture Park

GRAFFITO, 1997, pietra di Trani - Photo ParcoSculturaLaPalomba

The anthropological and geological aspects of the park, situated in a tufa quarry in disuse, make it one of the most interesting in the world. The 6 hectare park including a covered space of 1500sqm contains numerous contemporary installations by Antonio Paradiso, local artist now living and working in Milan as well as several other sculptors of international fame. Due to the amazing acoustics provided by the surrounding tufa stone, the park is often used as a spectacular setting for open air concerts. It is open to the public on request.


Torna Sopra

Address Strada Statale Matera - Taranto
Telephone 339 8663196
Opening Hours Open all year (holidays included)
Closing Day /
Ticket Price Free entrance