The casa grotta is a typical Sassi dwelling, dug into the rock. It is an excellente example which allows one to learn about and understand the history and culture of the Materan peasant population, thousand of years old. It is also an excellente didactic instruments for students. La casagrotta of Casalnuovo is composed of 4 environments, dug out on three levels, with a stall and cellar connected. Next to the casagrotta there is a "sound ceramics" work-shop, where one can admire the terracotta whislte display, entirely made by hand and typical of the area. There is also an audio explanation in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

In the Casalnuovo district, near the rupestrian complex of the Convicinio di Sant’Antonio, in the heart of the Sasso Caveoso, in front of the beautiful panorama of the Murgia plateau.

Entrance fee
Adults              € 1,50
Reduced price   € 1,00

November - March
09h30 - 17h00

April - October
09h30 - 19h00




If you want to learn about and understand the culture of the inhabitants of the ancient Sassi district, please visit the Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario, located in the Caveoso districtnear the San Pietro Caveoso Church. A typical cave dwelling with ancient tools and artefacts which offers visitors a precise idea of how family life was organized in the Sassi districts.

Vicinato di Vico Solitario, 11 - Sasso Caveoso, Matera

Entrance fee
€ 1,50
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