The success of a conference depends on several equally important factors: professionalism and efficiency for the design and development of the project, identification of the environment, ways and forms of communication; the success of a conference is also in the creative value and precision with which scientific and social programmes are carried out.

  • Selection of the most convenient venues
  • Hotel accomodation and ground transportation
  • Social activities
  • Logistics, decoration and set - up of meeting rooms, exibition areas and themed dinners 
  • Audiovisuals, simultaneous translation and last generation technology
  • Pre and post conference tours
  • Graphic designed and printing
  • Conference organizing secretariat
  • Budgeting and accounting 
  • Financial analysis and management
  • Press Office

The choice of the city where the project will take place is just as important...and we offer you Matera, the Region of Basilicata. A perfect welcome, a perfect image of the event, a constant attention to details.


After the fall of former monopolies has led to a climate of great competition, the entry of the new economy on the market has increased the number of incentives requests in order to stimulate the sales performance or support the launch of new products. Thus, motivating means creating specific conditions  so that individuals feel encouraged to act in view of a premium and reward.

  • Search for office of prestige - the elegance of a Caste or a sea-side resort
  • The dinner in a cave in the Sassi, elegant and exclusive gala dinners
  • A classical music concert in an ancient rock-hewn church
  • Photo contests, karting races, treasure hunts, craft workshops in the Museum
  • Mini Golf tournaments, Italian cooking

Particular attention is given to incentive travel, to find new destinations and ideas where guests can feel not only host but protagonist, in order to reach the goal of the incentive programme. Hence, the means of incentive: implement a set of actions to induce to act with a view to an objective: the team bulding.

A series of exclusive activities have been designed to create a high team spirit both italians and foreigners. Thanks to the stunning scene of Matera and surroundings, we propose various programmes including naturalistic itineraries and gastronomic workshops.